We love animals, just like you, and understand how much your faithful four-legged friend deserves the best. Mybowpawtie was born from the desire to highlight the unique and unmistakable style of each of our beloved furry pets. Each item is studied down to the smallest detail, designed to enhance its quality, originality and style. We are here to transform your special companion into a true fashion icon.

Details Obsession

Each item is studied down to the smallest detail, ensuring the utmost attention to the quality of materials and design

Cruelty Free

Dog Lovers

We share a deep passion for dogs and put the well-being and safety of your furry companions.

Fashion Icon

We help your dogs become true fashion icons, allowing them to show off an unmistakable style.

About Us

MyBowPawTie is a small artisan reality that lives thanks to your enthusiasm, support and trust: these are my sources of energy and drive.
Without you, MyBowPawTie, it would have simply remained a dream, so I regard MyBowPawTie as a family. You too can be part of it and add your puppy to the 2454 elegant furry that, in the world, have chosen one of my accessories.


We don't use animal-derived products


Plastic-free and eco-sustainable packaging

Special Edition

Exclusive products for special occasions

Girl Power

Business created and managed by women

Do you get married?

Visit our section dedicated to weddings and ceremonies, you will find a vast assortment for dogs of all sizes.
Make your four-legged friend special on their most important day.

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Do you get married?
Do you get married?
Do you get married?

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